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Hi Community, I might be a newbie in ErpNext but let me tell you I have been working with ERPs including SAP, Microsoft, xTuple, ADempiere, Odoo and many more (about 20 to be close) since last ~10 years. I have a company selling products based on Opensource platforms, I love opensource and never have I locked my code. We pass-on the advantage that we get from community to our customers. Recently, I was going through the requirements of my customer (large scale manufacturer) implmenting Odoo v12 CE and that is when I realize that it has lot of limitations and maybe I am spending a lot of development efforts to make something that is already there. However, there are many features that are lacking in ErpNext that is required for Woo-ing a sales prospect, which is very well taken care by Odoo. To name some -

  1. Pivot
  2. Easy UI
  3. Graphs & Charts
  4. Form View Design
  5. better use of screen UI
  6. Dahsboard
    I wanted to collaborate with someone to get these shortcomings fulfilled to get it market ready. Anyone?

count me

Could you elaborate on your points?

ERPNext has dashboards, graphs, charts and a form builder.

Let’s take pivot for example. I do not want to compare but try odoo pivot view. It makes the over all user experience about getting a data set so friendly. To give you another one, there is no grouping available in tree view.

My point here is; erpnext is great in terms of functionality but I am a pre sales person and i know out of my experience that an erp sales decision is taken in the first 10mins of demo (I know there are many other factors) and the ui doesn’t give that starting point. Sme might not see the detailed demonstration to understand the true potential and more so might get overwhelmed with just the look of so many fields, hyperlinks and long form.


Hi, do you think we can work collaboratively and maybe develop some sought of theme and add widgets and view extensions?

The issue of the visual impact a large ERP system can make on a first time viewer is not something that can be changed overnight, We are pretty much stuck with what we have in the stock standard product until slowly the separation of various layers of the application are made.

Your views are important, and especially coming from a sales-sy view, noted.

Perhaps search for a few solutions posted that provide dashboards to ERPNext. That might be a wonderful starting point for your pitches.

maybe I can pick up the migration of the pivot feature from Odoo to ERPNext, also I am trying to find Odoo Studio like form builder, the equivalent in ERPNext is the print format builder.

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@szufisher you can use this custom app for pivot :