Collapse leaves after an year

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my company fiscal year from jan 1st 2017 to dec 31st 2017 but here casual leaves has to collapse when we enter in to the next year and we want to add fresh casual leaves…how to achieve this.
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Have you tried to use leave allocation tool to re-allocate leaves?

Check the Casual Leave under Leave Types and make sure Is Carry Forward is unchecked. That way, at the end of the year, all will revert to 0.

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i have a doctype called “create leave allocation” in this we can easily allocate the leave to all the employees without allocating the leave by eachone…

If the leave type you are trying allocate collectively has Is Carry Forward checked, the leave will not reset itself to zero (0) at the end of the year. So make sure Casual Leave under Leave Types has Is Carry Forward unchecked.


After this, you can reassign the leave using the allocation tool.

but if an employee doesn’t take a leave in January of 2018 the leave have to extend to feb of 2018…if we uncheck this the leave will not CF to next month

When allocating the leave, you specify a period in which the leave will take effect. So if you specify from 1st Jan to 31st Jan and allocate 10 days casual leave, the leave will work between the dates. When you uncheck is carry forward, then after 31st Jan, the casual leave is taken away from the employee.

yeah by manually if we do for each employee it will work if we uncheck.but is it possible in otherway.

You can use the Leave Allocation Tool to achieve that

So you can choose either branch or department to allocate to those staff. To make it happen for every employee, then choose the Company and go through with the allocation process.

Human Resource > Leave Allocation Tool

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yeah tq bro…this was the quiet ans…from u…tq very much…

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