Color rather than color code

Hy community
in custom doctype-item table, system fetch only code of a color field, not color. I need color there. any help would be appreciated.


Please select the color in fieldtype.


I have selected same type: color. But at fetch from result software shows code (of color), rather than color. I want color like:

For the child table, when clicking on color columns, then will be visible.

Hi @NCP is there an easy way to change color scheme or erpnext desk, as currently it is totally white or totally black. It is hard to to see selected cell. and if we can change color of custom field.

I think, not!

for custom field with selection options I can use html code like " style=“background-color:#90ee90;”>Completed" but it is still very limited.

@NCP when we click at color field then it visible in shade. Otherwise hided. In your screenshot Red-Color is showing in code, not red-shade. I want actual color shade (in screenshot) like pink.

Actually I am using fetch from functionality, when I select any color, it shows code only, not shade. Simply I want shade (red, green, blue) in print format, not their code. (#CB2929)

Hey @Humming_Bird, do you want the color swatch (image) to be always visible in a grid? This is an improvement to the Framework that can be suggested by asking the core team or a contributor (me) to do it, if you want.

Regarding print formats, do you want the field to be shown with a color swatch too?