Colors in the PDF view

Hi, I used beta and created _ and in the Note text editor I added text using colors but when I tried to open PDF-view my custom colours haven’t appeared.


Check this post

Hi thanks but I used Summernote’s color panel.

I am not sure that general users(not developer) know how to add !important tag.

Hi @SwitsolAG

Can you make github issue?

Hi, thanks for your answer. Yes, I can here is Colors in the PDF view · Issue #14735 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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I had exactly the same issue, but it was because I just forgot to bring the css in the form acceptable for ERP :grinning: Nevertheless, there actually was such a problem, but with the very one of mine I got things sorted out by uploading the file to this editor did some amends and have gotten it in the outlook it supposed to have in colour

Hello @SwitsolAG,

You can used css property.