Colour coding for warehouse in sales order


When i add items to an order, I can see that there is a colour coding that is happening automatically. Understanding is that when the item stock exists in the warehouse, the system shows green and reserves the stock when we submit. I presume it shows red, when there is no stock of the item in the warehouse to reserve.

I found a few instances in my system where the item stock and the reserved quantity matches, but when I open an existing order, the warehouse shows red whereas the total number of items and the total number of orders for that item are perfectly same.

Also, I wanted to know that when we receive stock of the item (which was previously not in stock) after the sales order has been submitted (but not yet dispatched), does the system automatically reserve the item in the warehouse and change the colour to green in the sales order.

Please let me know how this colour coding works.


Colour coding is as you guessed it.
Green means item in stock for the selected warehouse.
Red means item not in stock for selected warehouse.

Purchase Receipt or Stock Entry with purpose Material Receipt adds the quantity to warehouse.

Date of Delivery Note should be later than the Purchase/Material Receipts.

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What about material transfer from manufacture - that too I suppose updates the warehouse stock??

And this is not delivery note - this at the time of creation of sales order - in our business - we typically book orders and deliver after 15-20 days which means that at the time of booking the order it is important to know the stock availability of each item - thanks for the links