Colours of dots not indicated correctly

Good day all

I am happy to say that I have figured out the manufacturing process so that it works correctly.
i.e. material request … all the way to the completion of the work order and the various warehouse quantities updating correctly.

I do have a question about the information indicated by the colour of the dots in my system…

I have read the meaning of the dots in a post by
Jeremy_Coltharp in May 2020

This is his post:
Has notifications: RED
In a Dashboard and Has records: Blue
In a Dashboard but no records: Orange
everything else Grey

So for me to be able to complete a manufacturing cycle, I must have BOMs and work-orders. And yet, I cannot initiate a work-order from the main window. ERPNext says that I must first create a BOM. I shall include a view pics …

First pic if of my main panel:

Second pic is to show that I do have a BOM:

3rd pic is to show I do have a work-order

I was expecting the dots at BOMs and WORK ORDERS to be blue ?

many thanks