Column_break_7 appears multiple times in

I am trying to update to version 14 and am getting purchase_order column_break_7 appears multiple times in row 32, 32. what is going on. I am not impressed with erpnext upgrade process when using custom apps and erpnext adds columns I have added during a new app. The process for major upgrades always seems to be frought with errors if you do custom apps. I am considering dropping erpnext and just doing a custom app from the frappe base as erpnext can’t seem to handle duplicate names for fields

Sounds like a validation message, as doctypes cannot have two fields having same name. Could you review PO’s doctype, fix the name for one of the field and then try again?

umair, I can’t find any duplication of the column_break_7 field in the purchase_order doctype json file or in my custom_field.json file. I agree that it is a validation check that is failing but I can’t find the source of how the check is finding this duplication. Do you having any suggestions on how I can see the details of what code is being executed and what files it is using to do the check. If it is not files maybe it is checking the database

@draedon When you doing the update to version 14, I am pretty sure running it through the terminal. Could you snapshot the image from the terminal once the error is shown? This will helps in finding where the error is coming from.

here is the screen shot

you can see that it is doing a unique field name check for custom_fields or maybe doctypes but what file is it using. my custom_field.json doesn’t have the column_break_7 field for the purchase_order table.

@draedon Could u go to DB > tabPurchase Order and check for field name column_break_7, if it exists could u rename it to something random and n try running it again?

There is no column_break_7 in the database.