Column break issue


I am trying to create some Terms with Columnb Brakes but is now wokring.

I have added the column brake into Docstype and also into the Forms but is not working.

what should I do?


Can you post a screenshot of your Doctype form where you added the column breaks?

Here is it.

Hi @Florea_Andrei! I believe you have set it up correctly. But the missing part was you haven’t customize the Terms and Condition section in your Asociatia de Proprietari Doctype. Hope this helps!

I am lost…so what do I need to do?

If I select a predefined Terms And Contions it sitll not getting the correct detailes.

Am I right that you are expecting 2 tables in Asociatia de Proprietari Doctype? And I believe the “Terms and Condition 2” field in the Terms and Condition Doctype is a custom field. The thing is, it will not automatically picked up in Asociatia de Proprietari Doctype. So you need to:

  1. Add Script to pick it up and show in “Terms Details”
  2. Put the 2 tables altogether in “Terms and Conditions” field instead of separating it in “Terms and Conditions 2”

Asociatia de Proprietari Doctype is the quotation doctype.

What I am trying is to have 2 tables into ,Terms And conditions’’ if I ad the tables alltogheter is not working well because they are not well displayed on the page…

And somehow is just picking the info from the Default Text Editor…

This is correct. The reason why it is not picking is you haven’t added a script to pick up details from your Custom Field (Terms and Conditions 2). By default, it only picks from the default field “Terms and Conditions” (from ex : Quotation 1).

Still not working for me…

Can we take a look at your added script? @Florea_Andrei