Column field for column width no longer there in Customize Form?


I used to be able to change column width in list view by changing the value of “Column” field in “Customize Form”. Has it been replaced by the “Width” field recently? Seems like I can no longer change the column width anymore. Whatever value I put in the “Width” field nothing changes…

Try entering values like: 100px or 150px, it should work in the latest version.

Tried with 10px, 50px, 100px, 250px, 500px and… won’t change anything…


I was also wondering… What is this column? It’s taking some space and it repeats the “Item Code” column (sometime it does, sometime it’s empty… can’t figure out why)


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The width will change the width when rendering the report view, not the list view which is what you are showing.

Check this out: List views - Adjusting/Changing column width - #2 by sdqadeer44

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