Column - Field Width - other form customization

Love ERPNEXT / FRAPPE, it’s so cool I have been trying to convince the company I work for to convert from their existing ERP to ERPNEXT with no luck. However I have been tasked with building (rebuild) a small app to keep track of our webstores. My hopes is that if they like it, they might consider putting more apps into it.

I have created an app, and got it added to the existing ERPNEXT site. Adding fields is a piece of cake with FRAPPE, however I am working on trying to customize this form and not having any luck.

I’d like to make a few fields the width of the form, wider than just the 1 column, can anyone point me the documentation to show how this is done? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Also, when I go to “Customize” under menu, i get “Only standard DocTypes are allowed to be customized from Customize Form.” I read where that was because I didn’t have developer mode set, but I did add [“developer_mode”: 1, ] to the site_config.json.

To recap, I can add fields no problem, just looking to learn more about customizing options for the form.


You are logged in as Administrator? See this "Custom?" field for new DocType always disabled with developer_mode enabled - #5 by draedon

Thanks clarkej, I will check that out.

I’m trying to do the same but not working