Columns shown in Child Table

How to change what fields are displayed in the child table within a parent doc (e.g ‘Purchase Order Item’ table within ‘Purchase Order’) ? In other words, given all the fields available within, for example ‘Purchase Order Item’, how can I customize that which is shown?

I’m not asking about the printed view (I can do that with Jinji), but rather the form view of the table.

Thank you!

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Check the “In List View” property in the customize form view.

This was the first thing I tried as this is what it looks like it should do. However, this doesn’t work in three different V5 implementations that I have running.

Checking “In List View” isn’t allowed for table item within a parent doc.
Checking “In List View” has no impact on what column are shown in the child table. ( And yes, I reload after the edit. )

It appears like “Items”, “Qty”, “Rate” and “Amount” can’t be dropped or replaced from “Purchase Order Item” table view.

Is this correct?

Table views are hard-coded, but added columns should appear within the “Description” column.

Can you point me to the python(?) file in which I can find this hard-coding?


Thank you !!!