Combine delivery

Hi all,

We are grateful for the work done by Frappe and the rest of the community dedicated to building ERP Next into a truly remarkable and enabling platform for organizations worldwide.

At KORECENT (SECTOR 5, Panchkula) we believe, we want to make valuable contributions to the Community with the intention that some or all of this work may be used to enhance this great platform for all who use it.

We have developed a new feature of “Combine Deliveries”.

Using this feature we can create one single Delivery Note for multiple Sales Order. For example we want to make one delivery note for 10 sales order , so from the Sales order list select that 10 sales order and click on Submit delivery button and then one single delivery note will automatically made for these Sales Orders.

We appreciate any feedback/suggestions on our proposed solution and will provide GitHub access soon.

Nikhil Rana
on behalf of ERP Next team at KORECENT (


Sounds interesting, that will definitely help other users. Awaiting for your PR :+1: