Combine multiple item rows on PO


I have the following scenario:

  1. Multiple sales orders are created for items we custom manufacture
  2. Using the Production Planning Tool, I create production orders from the open sales orders.
  3. Using the Production Planning Tool, I Create Materials Requests. Note that I get a warning that the same item has been added multiple times. (the manufacturing process shares some common items as source across the various manufactured items.)
  4. In buying, I create a new purchase order. Select a vendor, and click “Get items with open materials requests”. The goal being to submit 1 PO for all needed materials.
  5. The same item is entered 2 or 3 times on the PO, presumably because it is duplicated in the materials requests.

How can I combine these duplicate item rows so that I am submitting a PO to my vendor with only 1 row per item?


@bbrown, I think the best way is in a Print Format!

Because one row is (hidden) related with one doc, and the other row is related with another!

If you just combine, sum, the qtys and amounts, the ERPNext, will be unable to do the updates in the backed documents.

@max_morais_dmm Thanks for you reply. That makes perfect sense. I will look into customizing the print format.