Combine sale orders into purchase order

Hi, I work for a footwear brand, we only do wholesale and we need to combine all the sales orders from our customers (retail stores, chains or distributors) into purchase orders for our manufacturer.
So I’m looking for the best way to arrange this on ERPNext, I’ve been looking into it for a bit but still haven’t found the right way to do this.

As well in this process there are different prices involved and associated with each item, (self cost or purchase price, whole sale price, retail price). I’m assuming this is something a lot of other businesses would have dealt with already so I thought I’d ask.


to map your so to po, create material request against sales order then create purchase order against material request

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Thanks saurabh6790, I will try that now.

Where does the rate value in the purchase order come from? I’m just getting zeros now, I’m not sure where that needs to be specified for it to show there correctly.

No worries, that I’ve found out, it’s fetched from the Standard Buying Price.


How can I create a purchase order against multiple sales orders (no production, just distribution)

Thanks in advanced


there is no way to do that?

Did anybody find a solution to create/update a single Purchase Order for multiple Sales Orders?