Command not found: bench

I installed the pre-requisite for installing Frappe Framework on the macBook through Homebrew. I cloned Frappe bench but I can not pip this “pip install --user -e bench-repo” from this guideline (Installation). This is my first exposure to this!
here is what I have on my terminal: Do you think this seems odd!
I even reinstalled python but still does not work!

Could anyone kindly help me out! Thank you in advance!

@Ismail_Ahmadi try this sudo pip install -e bench-repo

sudo -H python3 -m pip install frappe-bench should install bench at root level and your system users will be able to use it then.

Also, editable installs are not encouraged for production usage.

Thank you for your help, I tried and the outcome is
sudo: pip: command not found
so this does not work! :expressionless:

Thank you so much! it worked, but I got a warning about it when I run “bench --version”.
WARN: bench is installed in editable mode!

This is not the recommended mode of installation for production. Instead, install the package from PyPI with: `pip install frappe-bench`

WARN: Command not being executed in bench directory

any suggestion for this problem?

This command line still does not work!!

pip install frappe-bench

can you run bench --version to check if the previous bench has been uninstalled correctly and the entry point is linked to the newly installed version?

if it says 4.1.0 or any other < 5.0.0 then, try deleting the bench-repo or .bench folder in your home directory (or where ever you had it cloned) and remove the corresponding egg-link file from under your Python site-packages.

Perhaps, also remove the bench entry point file by running rm $(which bench) and finally pip install --no-cache-dir --force-reinstall frappe-bench

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Thank you so much for getting back to me again! I am very new to this ERPNext and I have less knowledge about how this works! I am using macBook which it comes with Python and python2 and for running python3, I need to have a virtual environment and run this code " pip install -e bench-repo". Thanks again for helping me out @gavindsouza! Have a safe and blessed day!

if my version is 5.1.0 and I still face this issue what should I do?

@Rakesh_dev this isn’t a bench issue; it’s likely a pip one. It’s not setting your packages in PATH. I’d suggest installing bench for root user alone if you’re using pip install frappe-bench instead of the editable install. or look further into the PATH issue. Maybe refer to this SO post.