Comment field not visible for a DocType

I have a custom DocType and the Comment field is not visible anywhere on the page, for any user.

We are using version 12 of ERPNext and Frappe framework (we have not been able to successfully upgrade our installation). This only affects one specific DocType.

What settings control the visibility of the Comment field?

Where should I look to debug this - is there an error or something I can see in the dev tools console on page load?


Please tick the Timeline option in the Role, for the role who is accessing that doctype.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Thanks for your reply @mangroliya

There is no Form Settings section as per your screenshot for the System Manager role that I am logged in as, so no Timeline box to tick.

I’m not sure why this would work anyway as I can see the Comment box on all DocTypes except for one.

@corinja from your screenshot I can see you are using a much older version of ERPNext (v10 - v12)

Yes, @mangroliya as mentioned in my original post - v12. We have found it impossible so far to upgrade our ERPNext in our particular environment (AWS RDS db and Lightsail). So I am looking for an answer relating to this version, if possible.