Comment-Typed comments is missing

In every doc comment is default,where the data stored?i will try to enter several commenst but it is not visible next time

@ganesh Comments get stored in Communication tabel.

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This one boss,

In lead we have to enter 3 to 4 times for a single lead,that i need to show one by one to the client

Can you explain scenario?

Thanks for the quick reply.
imagine am a marketing person and i need to fill data in ERP-CRM
First i will select lead and filled all essential data and choose next visit date as 21-10-2016 and save the data.Lead No LEAD-00003

On 21-10-2016 again i will meet the same customer and comment need to update on same lead LEAD-00003

like this i will type visit my client in random days and type the comments on that day.Now my boss requesting the summary of LEAD-00003,so i need to show all my comment.

Search for Communication List in search bar, apply filters, Reference Name like "LEAD-00003" and Comment Type = "Comment". Select the records and Print them.

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Ya it’s fine

thanks a lot for saurabh6790 and KanchanChauhan.