Comments are Disappearing from Customer Page

Hi, We are experiencing trouble with Comments written into our Customer files disappearing. This is a big problem for us given our Case Managers are using the Comments section as Case Notes to care for our elderly clients in their homes. We’re at particular risk if there is an incident or if we are audited and cannot produce all of the Case Notes that have been written for each customer.

It appears that once the Comments section of a page reaches a word limit, the oldest comments unlink, and continue to do so as more comments are added.

We have been able to find some of the notes in the Communication List, but many of them have been lost because the key words we’re searching for are not present in particular notes. This is a clumsy and unsustainable process and it’s essential that all notes related to each customer appear in the timeline on their file in the Customer Module.

Is there a setting that we can change to remove the word limit on Comments and relink the comments that have been unlinked from their customer files?
Thank you.

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