Comments is disappearing when the thread is too long


I just want to know if that’s a bug when the thread is too long it is starting to remove the previous comments in the thread.

How many are still visible? And what version of ERPNext are you on?

I just created 50 comments and they are all visible (v12).

There are 21 visible comments(including email comments with images on it)

I’m using v11

Any update to this please?

It’s a known issue we are working on it.

Any updates on this? I just noticed that it is only showing 20 comments. How do I fix this?

Any updates?

Can you share some screenshot? I believe there is a More option available at the end of the timeline, please check that too.

I saw a fix in github for that.

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Hi @harshit-30,

I just checked the thread there’s no More option in the thread. The previous comments just disappeared if the comments exceed 20.

Hi @TurkerTunali ,

Can you share the fix for this issue?