Comments not visible on some of the doc types like Purchase Order for certain users


I created a user and provided him Purchase Order, Purchase Manager, Purchase User, Sales User and Sales Manager roles. I then went to Role Permission Manager and Selected “Comments” for the doc type and “Purchase User” for the Role type (something like this below) however I still don’t see the Comments field available for that user. I also have tried providing the same rights to “Communication” doc type and comments field is still not showing for that user.

Is there a step I am missing to attach these user permissions to the user? The user has these rights.

go to role, Purchase User,

check Form Setting,

check(tick) Timeline

Did it but still no luck:

bench clear-cache

then refresh browser

Did it. Still don’t see the comments field.

frappe@f26a3bc12f70:~/frappe-bench/sites$ bench --site clear-cache

Never mind. I logged out of the site completely and then logged back in and now the comment field is visible. Thank you!