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Hello community,

Over the past few months we have been working on a partner program for Frappe and ERPNext. This is the first such attempt in Frappe’s 10 year history as a company and publisher / maintainer of ERPNext and we look forward to your support.

In the long run, we have realized that having a strong relationships between the contributors and the community will result in a strong ecosystem. Since ERPs are complex, customers need both the software and the consulting help to set this up.

What do you get?

As a community partner, you get access to the frappe team, extensive and ongoing training, pre-sales support for larger deals and OEM guarantee for your customers. We also plan on passing on leads to selective and well performing partners.

What must you commit?

In return, you must host your customers either on ERPNext.com or sell Frappe’s self hosting support. There is also a minimum sales commitment and commission for this.

How does this help?

You build the long term relation with the customer, and Frappe guarantees best practices and strategies that will ensure your customer remains satisfied for the long run. We have seen so many service provider installations in poor shape due to lack of maintenance and short sighted customizations. Working with Frappe will ensure that your customers are getting the best services and support.

If you need certain features to be build, you can work with the Frappe team to ensure those features get delivered as per Frappe standards and if it makes sense, the can be merged in the core product too.

Frappe gets the revenue required to keep investing in the free product and also build the last mile features required to end customers.

Frappe is committed to build ERPNext as Free Software and by partnering with Frappe, you can do your bit and show your :heart: and support for open source!

Checkout Frappe Partners for more info

Feel free to post feedback and your comments on this thread.


Hi Rushabh,

Great initiative. I think the momentum is building for ERPNext thanks to the great work that Frappe has done. Getting into implementations directly was perhaps the single best thing that happened to the community in many ways.

I wish you luck with the partner program. It’s a great idea and will catch on, I’m sure.

Please consider a Pull Request and Contributions assistance program. I and my developers still haven’t been able to crack the code on that one.

Best wishes,



How is this different from ERPNext for Enterprise ?

Self-hosted support plan is for end-users (Customers), While Partnership plans are for Organizations or individuals that have previously sold or are currently selling technology products, preferably in the ERP and cloud space, and understand the economics of selling ERP products.

Check out ERPNext Partner FAQs for frequently asked questions about ERPNext partner program

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We have spent over 20 years working with SAP/Oracle/NetSuite. We have been working on rolling out Frappe/ERP Next over the last several months to a client. We are interested in possibly a partnership in the US


Let me know your preferred mode and time to connect and discuss more about ERPNext Partner program, On-boarding process and business opportunity, also you can connect with me on call or Skype 9998961462

Are you on Telegram or WhatsApp?

Yes, I am active on both Telegram and WhatsApp (9998961462)

What does the commitment per quarter mean?
Also what does the following : Benefits of Being an ERPNext Partner
Close deals faster, get guaranteed support and OEM branding by working with Frappe You guys will help build custom software using Frappe? Would be great to have an FAQ.


Commitment per quarter is minimum ERPNext credits that Partner needs to buy and consume every quarter to maintain their status live on ERPNext.com

You can find FAQ - Partner program on link given below.