Commision on sales orders

Hello, i am trying to find a solution to adapt a work method we have previously used into ERPNEXT

Basically what we do is we sell wines for wineyards, and bill them commision.
Uptil now we had 1 product code for “commision” and would add in the “Description” the details of the items in question.

So 1 order would often have multiple lines of the same COM (commision) product code but with different desriptions and details. Like bar code, sale price etc etc.

So first of all is it possible to put a desciption on each product line in a sales order document ?
Is there a way to add even more information on sales order document product lines ? Like have a field for bar code ?

Making a product code for each sale is nearly impossible as there are new variables almost every sale! New vintage, new bar code, change of backlabel, and so on! I need something that is fairly easy to do when creating a sales order!

Any ideas? (i’ve already created a “small text” field below product lines, as a temporary fix.)

I read but I don’t understand your problem. Could you explain again by images?

Yes! Thanks for taking the time!

So as you can see here i use same product code but with different descriptions (In this case different vintages)

This only happened through importing from an excel file,
and i want to know if i can do something similar in ERPnext ?

i need this in “sales order” and be saved over to “sales invoice” when the time comes :slight_smile:

Hi @Marc_Sublett

I not yet understand clearly. But if you want to add same Item code in SO. Just set up

/desk#Form/Selling Settings

check this: Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction

is it possible to put a desciption on each product line
=> you can change Item Name as below