Commission based on sales collection

Hi team,

I would like to request a feature based on sales collection rather than invoiced sales. i also think we can achieve this from Query available in the sales report for commission:

sales_partner as “Sales Partner:Link/Sales Partner:150”,
sum(base_net_total) as “Invoiced Amount (Exculsive Tax):Currency:210”,
sum(total_commission) as “Total Commission:Currency:150”,
sum(total_commission)*100/sum(base_net_total) as “Average Commission Rate:Currency:170”
tabSales Invoice
docstatus = 1 and ifnull(base_net_total, 0) > 0 and ifnull(total_commission, 0) > 0
“Total Commission:Currency:120”

i dont know java script so i was thinking may be editing this will somehow show sales commission on amounts received from customer.

secondly, i would recommend to allow account based collection option with invoice base. some companies which have 2000 transactions a month and they receive money after 2 months, clearing individual invoices is a headache. it will be better it is set against the account and the system automatically clears invoices which are old or clears them partially.

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was it ever applied?.. i want the commission based on collection not invoice…

did you solve ?