Commission On Sales to Sales Partner

Hi Members,

Before explaining the trouble I will brief you the scenario.

I am having the sales partner which sale my services in outside of India and I have to pay him the 5% commission on Total gross bill before adding any tax, handling charges etc.

Now the problem is the commission value it shows in sales invoice/order is companies default currency (Which is good), but I want to get this value in the billing currency (Which can be USD, AUD, GBP etc) so how I can get this.

The reason behind this is I am generating bill today but I will pay him after getting my payment.

I am taking this one step ahead, is it possible to get the commission charges in companies default currency as will as the billing currency both ?


Hi everyone,

Any updates on this ?


Can you please post this a feature suggestion in Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ? And for immediate solution, you can export net total (billing currency) and calculate the commission amount on excel.

Thanks @nabinhait for temporary work out.

I have opened the issue for this treat.