Communication doctype - remove unnecessary New button

I wonder if this is a bug because it doesn’t behave like other doctypes.

In the Communication doctype (Support > Communication)

There are 2 buttons to make new data (the New button on the top right, and the Make a new Communication).
In other doctypes, these two buttons act the same to make a new data.
But in this Communication, they link to other things.

The Make a new Communication open a doctype which shows:

Nothing to change here, and there is no Save button even when it says Not Saved.

While the New button opens a new email window:

So I wonder:

  1. what is the purpose of the page that Make a new Communication opens.
  2. Isn’t both button supposed to open the new email window?

I hope there is clarification on this and if it is a bug, I will open an issue.

Communication is a backend record which is created on various events like on sent or receipt of email, when comment is posted etc. It’s not meant to be used like other documents. Can you please create a Github Issue to remove new button for this doctype, as a UI improvement fix.

Issue reported here Communication doctype / list · Issue #14658 · frappe/frappe · GitHub