Communication item creator Administrator?

It seams that all emails received are marked as created by Administator. Can it be the reason why specific user cannot close communication item even when the communication item originated from email inbox sent to that specific user (e.g. ?

Specific user trying to close communication item causes “Not permitted. Insufficient Permission for Communication” error.

Login using LDAP.
Specific User email:
Administrator email:

GitHub Issue


  • ERPNext: v10.0.14 (master)
  • Frappe Framework: v10.0.15 (master)
  • OS: Debian GNU/Linux 8.10 (jessie)

I noted that emails were received by Administrator user too, but wasn’t certain if it was just my particular setup. Usually l want to Move to Trash rather cthan delete them. The email operation works quite well now but there are a few oddities such as this.

I find Communications and Email Inbox seem to give the same info anyway which is a little confusing.

Please create a bug and I will tag as an email issue as I’m a member of the Community CRM / email ERPNext group.

We now have a developer that will be able to help with some of these issues.

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I noticed the same.
After checking the database it seems it was happening before. There are entries when I am the owner (as user) and some where administrator is the owner. Although I always login as user.

There is also an issue where there are 3 emails “stuck” in notifications. When clicked nothing is shown in list, but unread notification does not update. Any idea where could I look for an unread mails or communication, that is causing this issue?


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fwiw I looked into the empty email list and stuck emails issue, and ended up deleting them as ‘orphan’ emails

Unread message indicator in desktop - how to decrease count - #10 by clarkej

But they bear investigation, to identify their origin and whether they point to a bug.

How to create a bug?
I did reclassify post as a bug.
O should I submit it to erpnext github?

You will need to raise a ticket on github


Filed issue in github.