Communication counter exceeds the number of listed items

When logged in as Administrator Communication counter shows a number that doesn’t correspond to the item number listed in Communication list (see Screenshot).

Communication item counter is probably related to other User’s communication item counter.
If one copies a comm. item url as a User and paste it as Administrator then the item can be accessed by Administrator, which in itself looks like security issue.

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  • ERPNext: v10.0.23 (master)
  • Frappe Framework: v10.0.25 (master)
  • OS: Debian GNU/Linux 8.10 (jessie)


They’re probably for another user. Try verifying this by logging In using the admin user and any other users on the site.

They are. The counter if it doesn’t serve the purpose becomes a distraction - a bug from UX standpoint.

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Yes with my own Email Inbox, the list count (8 emails) versus the counter number (16 emails) fail to match.

If presumably the idea is these should agree (by definition), then arguably yes this puzzle is a bug.

Julian filed a possibly related issue Email Inbox Icon on Desk doesn't show number of Unread ie New emails · Issue #12716 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub