New email count is never shown on Email Inbox icon

Using V10 master

Most doctypes have the number of unread or actionable items within a doctype or Tasks, Events even Contacts.

But oddly the email Inbox doesn’t show a count symbol for me in the Desk.

Of course the number of new emails is shown in the counter on the far right hand side but I think the Inbox should also show number of unread emails for consistency

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Hi Julian,

Which form/screen/dashboard did you have in mind - one of these or ? I have looked around trying to picture which one where but have come up empty


Hi John

On the icon on the Desk

Ahh yes of course go it thanks!

If you think this is a bug, have you reported this issue on github?

Not yet. But If I raise a bug directly on Github the Frappe guys often prefer that issues are discussed on the forums first to ensure they really are bugs to reduce the number of erroneously reported issues they have to deal with. i agree with this approach so that’s why I wanted to discuss here first …

I will post a bug report though :wink: