Communication not added to Customer

When i Post an Invoice and choose not to send an email erpnext will create a Communication. So far so good.
But this Communication is not automatically added to the Customer. Meaning i do not see it under “Communication History” in the Customer Form.
So my question is: How do i Tag a Communication with a Customer (or vice versa)? Is this possible?


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Hi Dani,

This feature is not available, but seems like it is expected. Can you raise an issue on github?


Hi Anand,
Thanks, i just did: Add Communication to Customer · Issue #3080 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This feature really feels like it should already be there. It would feel very natural (at least to me).



Similarly a communication done with a contact which is linked to a customer should show up under both Contact and Customer.

I think the master to slave relationship should be followed as Transactions should always have a master (supplier or lead or customer), similar to that a contact can also have a master.

@adityaduggal communications are all re-done in version 5. Now any document can have a communication log.

We were still on 4.24. I will check back after we upgrade to v5 in the next couple of days

Thanks and sorry if this has been included already