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Hallo, inside support-ticket i can see the communication list.

Actually i have ony one e-mail adress activated - it should be the system - oder team-address. it is not planned to have an own address for each emloyee.

Sending and recieving mails is working (mails out and in - inside tasks and issues).

The problem now, that i can see all outgoing mails in the communcation list, not any sending. what do i have to setup in the system for that.

And next, i saw, that another employee could not see any items in the communication list. i need to setup a new address … but i wanted to have only one for all …

Where to find a documentation - or is anybode here who can help me to unterstand - or to setup?
thanks a lot

You need to setup an “Outgoing” type of Email Account

Thanks for your info.
But sending AND recieving of mails ist working. For example in issue, if i send a mail, it arrives at customer, and if customer answers, the mail comes inside the issue. very fine and basic for a ticket-system.

But i am not sure, if “communication-list” will help, because any other links iside (not external email) are notificated there. (not only e-mails)

We want to have a straight communication with our customers. inside a issue or a task i can make an email to customer (it works) and if the customer answers, his text is seen inside the issue or task. also that is working.

What i want:
we need a notification: Hey, an answer from a client is arrived.
And this means NOT, an Email-alert to external staff, using outlook additional …
We want a notification inside erpnext - so i thought, in communication list, i can see all new incoming mails - and that would be enough.

Actually the answers from a customer are arrived inside issue or task - but nobody knows. we have to view all tasks manually, and that is not awsome.

So please let me know, is there a functionality inside erpnext - or how we can realize this?
Thanks a lot.

You could set an email notification triggers based on receiving new issues. This is fairly easy to do.


What the user wishes for is a way to get notifications (red box with a number on the top right corner) when they receive communications and not another email
This is how i understand after reading it atleast 2 times.:slight_smile:

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@Deepak_Pai - thanks a lot, yes, you are right.
I want to work inside erpnext - not to switch to another e-mail account to regocnize, that something happened.

Is this possible?

I understood your question correctly :slight_smile: But that notification symbol is a mystrey to me. Let me look around to see if there are other threads that talks about configuration of that . Patience.

Meanwhile, I hope someone who knows better will respond.

One idea was, to use the “communication” tool. (icon basically on sight, if logged in as administrator)
But on one hand, it is only showing what is sended - nothing, which comes in. why ever.
And it shows also all system-messages, e.g. a comment.