[Community] Need help in reviewing new contributions

Hello community,

It was great to see all of us come together and tag all erpnext issues. Now that the backlog is over, a few of us still keep tagging issues and most of the time all issues on both ERPNext and Frappé repositories are tagged!

Now we need your help in reviewing new contributions. New contributions are queued in Pull Requests (Pull requests · frappe/erpnext · GitHub) What you can do is

  1. Test it locally (see the instruction on the pull request)
  2. Check if site migrates okay
  3. Report issues and feedback to developers as comments
  4. Check if new issues are discoverable and easy to understand
  5. Review documentation
  6. Flag off if contribution guidelines are not followed.

I have added some labels, so please tag the pull requests based on what the status is.

  1. “not-reviewed”
  2. “discussion”
  3. “approved”
  4. “needs-fixes” (if contribution guidelines are not followed)
  5. “hotfix”

Already a lot of us have access to these activities, if you want access please PM me.

Last time @tmatteson and @vrms took lead to tag all issues. Will be great if someone from the community can take lead in tagging and reviewing pulls.

Please share your views and feedback.


It seems PRs can’t be merged directly,

PR has to be approved by someone before merging.

I’ve approved few PRs

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You can also help by adding a lable or adding a comment that you have manually tested it and seems okay.