Company address in print format of POS invoice

I need company address to appear on the pos invoice I give to customers. That is right after the name

modify print format to add any information in invoice.

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Print Format Builder @ebeneebz


that is the POS Invoice i want to output/print the company address after the company name

Core DocTypes cannot be customized. is the error message i get whenever i want to customize it

Go to print format in ERPNext
Open POS Invoice
make sure you have the following code in the script

{{ }}<br>
	{% if doc.company_address_display %}
		{% set company_address = doc.company_address_display.replace("\n", " ").replace("<br>", " ") %}

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i am using the online version i didnt see where to edit html

i mean erpnext cloud version @rk_root

Under setup you can find print formate or search in search bar.