Company default holiday list vs HR employee holiday list

I never checked but here is the doubt of the holiday list that is created and added to the company as the default… And also selected on HR for the employee.
Now when the new year changes a new list 2019 is created and changed on the company. Will this affect all employees without changing in all of them?

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Hi all,
Wonder if this was tested and my doubt can be discarded?

Hi All,
I see on V12 that it will get Employee Holiday List … so my question remains in which every year HR has to create a new Holiday List and apply to all Employees (ex. +300) or should just update on Default Company settings and system when processing gets this one instead ?

You can set Holiday list at Company-level in the Company master (which will be applicable to all employees) or at Employee-level (inside the Employee master).

If Holiday list is not set at employee level, the one set at the company level will be applicable to the employee. Else, the one set at the employee level has higher preference.

Kindly check the following link to know more about the same: Holiday List

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply… But my doubt as I have tried on v10 and was not clear which one the system would o should take on new year change…
Ex. Last year emps (1to 10) had holiday 2019 and this year HR created new holiday 2020 and emp11 has the new holiday list… When processing salaries if holidays between the first emps will have either more days in working days or less while the new EMP will be correct.

I think the system should consider if selected on company default to all emps.