Company docType Access issue

I removed company doctype for a user but he still able to view company doctype and create company ? How can i solve this ? Is this is a bug ?

User’s View :

Please help me to find a solution for this ?

Hi, could you please share which version do you use and make snapshot page Role Permissions Manager and in Select Document Type choose Company?

version 12

actually i came to know that company user permission is ignoring it’s user permission. I am able to see company doctype for all users without giving any access to company doctype. it is visible to all users by default. user permissions is not applying for company doctype in my insatllation. and i didn’t gave this “ignore user perssions” for company field. why it is happening so ?

it’s really strange( I use version 11 and my users can only see the Company because I gave them such permissions and they aren’t allowed to edit it

Any update on this ? I’m totally stuck with my work.

I asked you to show me your Role Permissions Manager for Company.
I don’t have v12 for testing it by myself that’s why I cann’t help you(

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May be you have given another role which can have access to Company.

Click on the role given to user.

This will open up a window, which shows the access for that role, see below screenshot.

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This issue is solved. I didn’t checked Company Doctype Access to role “All”. It was enabled for that role. Thanks @NMyshuk @abhijit_kumbhar for your giving me hints and helps. really appreciate that.