Company ICON missing from SETTING page

Good day all

I have created another ERPNext instance, just to test the 1-CLick method of installation
compared to the Manual method that I used on my working ERPNext.

Few problems, but got sorted out.

One thing I noticed…
On my SETTING page I do not have a COMPANY Icon just about SYSTEM SETTINGS ??

I can indeed access my Company settings by typing COMPANY in on the search field
on top.

But I was hoping that someone can help… perhaps I did something wrong somewhere?

many thanks

Apologies all

Neglected to mention the version numbers…

ERPNext 12.5.0
Frappe 12.3.0


Good day all

I would like to respond to my own question !

I am unsure about the exact answer. I played around a lot with all the permission settings
of ERPNext. I though that my “user” did not have the required permissions or the permissions
of the various docs were not correct. Nut comparing those settings to a working instance
of ERPNext, I could not come up with anything.

I did however, clear the droplet and installed ERPNext manually this time. And on this
instance, the company is visible on the correct place.

So it would seem that it is linked to the install procedure which was a 1-click install.