Company Logo instead of icon in app


Tell me please if anyone know how to add Company Logo in the custom app in desk.
I need it instead of any icon in my app.

You can change it via hooks - check for splash_image

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Hi @neilLasrado

Thank you…

Spalsh and favicon are working fine…

I want logo to be shown on module on the desk instead of icon.

For example 'Tools" module has “octicon octicon-briefcase” icon.

Similarily I need ‘Logo’ instead of ‘Icon’ on my custom module.(in desk)

@Amalendu Not possible at the moment

Hi @neilLasrado

It is possible!!!
Finally, I could add logo in desk’s module by editing ‘desk.min.css’


@Amalendu great. Even I didnt know that :slight_smile: