Company Master - Advance Payments

In company master when we check Advance Payment : Default Advance Received Account & Default Advance Paid Account populate, however system does not let us to create a new account. (V- 15B)

I have a similar problem.
The box Book Advance Payments in Separate Party Accounts is clicked.
I was able to select an existing account for Default Advance Received, but I could not select an account for Default Advance Paid. Even if the account already exists.

The same is true for the Default Receivable Account under Accounts Settings. I could not select an existing account other than the one which was there by default.

It’s a fresh installation of ERPNext v15.

How could I select the account that already exists?

Thanks for your help.

I realized that the Account search function already showed the criteria an account must fulfill to be displayed. Thus, I changed the respective accounts on the Chart of Accounts to reflect these settings. Now I have the accounts set which I wanted to be used.