Company name on desk


I have a 3-system multitenant system and I often work on 2 systems at once. When I have
the address bar visible, I can see which system I am using, but since I have been using
the darkmode ( I really like it ! ), I cannot see the address bar when in full-screen mode.
Full screen mode makes the darkmode even more impressive !

Anyway, is there not a way to put the company name on the desk so that it shows
regardless of your in “Home” or “Buying” or “Accounts” etc ??

I saw some posts that suggested the changing of js files in the public folder. But I would
prefer to do it client side. Otherwise it gets lost when I do an update.

Oh , I am on 13.27.1 ( latest )

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Hi there,

If you go to Navbar Settings, you can change the icon shown on the upper left corner of the desk. Would that suit your needs?

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Thank you very much @peterg !

Yes I can make this work !

I played around with a few options …and the final is …

“D” for “Drones” !!! I did want to retain the ERPNext logo …
The other servers all have a unique letter.

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