Company name on outgoing email

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On my on system I have made a modification to the company name. All the places that I checked
reflects the new name except on a outgoing mail.

company name
Leave this conversation to stop receiving emails of this type
sent via ERPNext

I am working through the database tables to see if I can see a table that still has the old name.

Can someone assist?


I’m presuming you are referring to the Email footer, if so

Go to System Settings under Email you will find the Email footer address. You could remove or hide or modify as per requirement

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Your a life saver @centaur !

I looked at “Email account” → footer.
Missed this one.

Thanks for taking the time. Appreciate !

BTW … there used t be a way to mark a post as “Solution”. It used to be under the post.
Has it moved. Always nice to add such a mark so that others can pick it up quickly