Company name printing

Hi all,
Don’t know if all need but for instance a copy was created with no special characters “Tao Pouco, Lda” but later the user decides to write correctly
“Tão Pouco, Lda” due to printing docs (SI, DN, etc)…
Why not as default add field: company_name_printing?

Check out how you can set different Customer names for each language. (Click on the globe next to Full Name inside a Customer) Do you think this would be useful for Company as well?

Sorry did not get what you said?

Basically what I have suggested was to add extra field in case we need to change the printing name of the company as many like Portuguese use characters… Of course this can be done by local or stand alone customisation but someone else could find it useful…

I was suggesting that we can use the translation feature to specify:

English: Tao Pouco, Lda
Portuguese: Tão Pouco, Lda

This way it can be printed correctly in any language you like.

As not yet in v12 did not remember that
Of course can be.