Company Policy Docs on ERPNext

Hello ERPNext Users,

I was wondering if you guys can share if you are sharing your company policies & procedure docs with employees through ERPNext and if so how you have set it up?

You could give Frappe Wiki a try for this: GitHub - frappe/wiki: Free and Open Source Wiki built on top of Frappe

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Thank I will definitely try it. I hope it has user access controls as well.

I installed it and can see Wiki in sidebar on my ErpNext installation. That gives me access to the wiki form. However, there doesnt appear to be any way to access the wiki web page itself. i tired, … but nothing. Any idea how to access this?

We have also been considering how to implement some type of document management solution integrated with ERPNext. The Frappe Wiki looks like an interesting start, although it lacks a fair number of convenience features of the more mature wiki packages (like DocuWiki and Xwiki in particular, which are probably among the most common FOSS wiki’s used for enterprise).

Currently its not working with version 13 :frowning: so disappointed.

Maybe you can use the Knowledge Base doctypes in the Website Module.


Create a new wiki page from the desk

Create a new sidebar

Add the wiki page to the wiki sidebar

Now go to route of the wiki page

You can create feature requests on frappe/wiki they can be added whenever possible

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@Mohammad_Hasnain Thanks but its not working with version 13 yet.

i found this issues:

@rahy - thanks but i couldnt find knowledge base in version 13.

What is the recommended solution presently? Is it wiki/knowledge base ?

Yes, wiki would still be recommended.

The new documentation website runs on wiki app.