Company Tax_Id on Sales invoice

O have seen that the sales invoice has address for the company and tax id for the customer but not added the tax id for the company!!!
When printing the report or invoice I can get the company tax id via frappe.db.get_value but if printing from POS you have to type in the report the tax id for the company.

Can you please add the company tax id?


If you have only one location and tax ID for the company, then quick work-around would be to add a Tax ID field in the parent form of Company master, and fetch value of that field in the Sales Invoice.

Hope this helps.

The problem lies on POS… The solution was to write on the file (pos report) instead of getting from the records. While on the sales invoice we can always do a db.get_value

Guess it should be sufficient if value is pulled into Sales Invoice, and not visible in the POS View. Since it’s a static value, it could be hidden field in the Sales Invoice as well.

For the POS, you can create a new print format and add this field.

Some countries it is mandatory to put TAX Id numbers for both companies.


My country Angola it is a MUST.
Reason why i have to add manually or create a POS duplicate to add the TAX id for the company (does not Exist) and the Customer (exists on the SI).

Also for companies with sub-companies like we have a Company A that has a Pharmacy as a second company and many other type of business …