Company Wise Stock Valuation and Profit Calculation

I Know this has been asked many times over the past many years but i never have seen a proper clarification. So lets get some facts clear.

Business Scenario

  • I have multiple warehouses in a single company.
  • Items can be purchase in any warehouse and sold from any warehouse.
  • Stock is also Transferred between warehouse frequently.
  • A single item in the company is considered to have a single valuation no matter which warehouse it was purchased from . Every rate is averaged to get a common average cost price for each item .
  • Sale price is also common across all warehouses and that is how the profit is calculated.

Actual Doubt

  1. In v15 is there somehow i can maintain a common average cost price between all warehouses of a company ?
    if not by default is there a functional way to achieve ? (just via flow , not by breaking core code.)
  2. If say there isn’t a way and i keep different valuations in each warehouse but sell at same rate , would the gross profit or loss be the same as if it were averaged across the warehouses ? has anyone validated this?
  3. How do i maintain a proper gross profit , sales ratio , additional cost, taxes and statements for the entire company with multiple warehouse?

How are people that maintain the same common rate managing till now ?
Sharing the Answers might help a lot of people.


Any feedback is appreciated .