Compatibility with local android SMS gateway?

I haven’t really had the chance to try out the SMS functionality of ERPnext, but it seems quite useful.

However for easier deploy-ability especially for SMEs, maybe it could be made compatible with an local Android phone based SMS gateway?

There are some nice open-source apps for that, which will probably work with minimal changes to ERPnext.

See for example:

Please refer to the link

Yes thanks, but I think for these to work on a local network it needs a different kind of setup. If I recall correctly the android client has to log into the server system (at least for FrontlineSMS).

Hello. The link is broken. May I know where to find this as of 2022?

Thank you.

Hi, You can use this: SMS Gateway - Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS) by rbsoft as an SMS Gateway Server. This works really fine.