CompileError: Transforming async functions is not implemented

I was trying to work on an old bench (cloud hosted), but after doing one “bench migrate” I get the following errors when doing a “bench build”

CompileError: Transforming async functions is not implemented. Use transforms: { asyncAwait: false } to skip transformation and disable this error. (37:29)

The site works, but the landing page (and thus authentication) is broken with a strange jquery error:

I update the respective branches (apps/frappe, apps/erpnext) to their latest tags on the v13 range, but no joy. Same error.

I was wondering if some of the web developers knew how to fresh reset a deployment from cmd line. All I have so far is:

  • git pull
  • rm yarn.lock
  • yarn install
  • bench migrate
  • bench build
  • bench restart

What am I missing? It is also unclear what version of bench matches the respective v13 branches in frappe & erpnext. I have:

INFO: A newer version of bench is available: 5.2.1 → 5.16.2