Complain about Mandatory Fields that are not Mandatory

I created a Table with the Child table Purchase Order Item. If i try to save my Doctype i get the Error: MIssing Fields.

I dont understand: First in the Child Table Purchase Order Item the Fields are not Mandatory and second. I set a mandatory value in my js scrit.:

entry.schedule_date= element.schedule_date;
					entry.rate = 0.00;
					entry.amount = 0.00;

You may want to check if table itself is mandatory in your parent doctype.


thank you for the answer. But the Table in the Parent doctype is not mandatory.

From your error,

Related fields are, base_rate and base_amount.

They are infact mandatory as you will see here.

They must be auto calculated without any intervention.

You may lookup for the fields in ERPNext, and debug for your case, to check why they are not auto calculated.

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thank you. i might get it now. i will try to debug