Complete Payroll Processing

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Please forgive me if the question sounds very simple. I am new to ERP systems. I would like to get a complete/step by step guidance on the processing of Payrolls from beginning until the salary gets into the Bank Account of an employee. Please note that i have read the article and where i am mostly stuck is how does the Bank get a notification/script instructing them to pay a certain employee a certain amount. The same goes for the occasional “Expenses Claims”. I am interested in the interaction between the Bank and the system.

I hope i am clear enough, if i am not please pardon me and feel free to ask for clarification. I thank you in advance.

Maybe you can use Salary Register Report by downloading it in CSV and giving to your bank for processing.

Is there n other automated way of processing payments when you “Make a Bank Entry”?

And also when pay Ëxpense Claims how does the process go?

It is not automatic .‘Make a Bank Entry’ simply means make a bank journal in the erpnext.The application is not linked directly to any bank.Even if you are linked to a payment gate,the term does not mean your should send your staff payments details to your bank.
Just go through the manual on payroll and expense claims.You will soon be an expert in erpnext.It is not difficult

Thank you Fred, your input is much appreciated.

So tell me when you have to pay employees do you need to to always need to make a Journal Entry and send the payment file (CSV as Pawan) suggested to the Bank?

As stated before, there is no automated process that sends anything to a bank for you. The process payroll feature in ERPNext just handles the accounting side. A person will need to logon to a bank website or other process to setup an ACH to actually send the funds out. I have entered a git for this awhile back

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Thank you Pawan. I guess that could help. Are there other ways of doing
it? What a out paying expense claims?

Thank you very much James. This will greatly help. I am learning a lot here.