Completely bypass stock management?

Is there a way to completely bypass the stock management component?

What I mean is when creating a sales invoice and adding items I’d like to skip the item creation portion (“Create new item”) completely. Just write the item description, qty and rate and be done with it without the need to open the item creation window. Since I do not want to track stock quantities for the inserted items and they are always changing (I almost never need to add the same exact item in a different sales invoice) the item creation process is a completely unnecessary step for me.

Is something like this possible?

Currently there is no ‘easy’ way to alter the description of an item at the time of a sales invoice creation or POS sales transaction.

However, I also see where this might be a useful feature for businesses that are of the consignment type or possibly even thrift stores that get their inventory from donations.
Specific descriptions of items is really difficult in such circumstances within the current structure of ERPNext.


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Yes it’s possible. you can create invoice without creating item.

Similarly, you can also create purchase invoice without item code.


just do not enter an item code…and all the rest on the fly…

Yes it’s possible. you can create invoice without creating item.

How? I couldn’t find such an option. Maybe you misunderstood but I don’t want to use existing items either. I just would like to write whatever text in the “Item” field and be done with it. Currently, unless you choose an existing item or create a new one, the text you wrote in the “Item” field is not saved.

Can you elaborate on that? Also check my reply to adnan, it clarifies my use case better.

I really do not understand all the clarifications you want…unless I (we) really do not understand what u want…
Crate a sales invoice , in the item table you click the first field so uou get the drop down menu, you do NOT enter anything in the item field and enter any info u want in the rest of the fields…name, description , quantity price and so on…That is all…no complexity, no difficulties

I didn’t realize you were talking about the expanded view. Now it makes sense. I just started using ERPNext recently and I’m trying to get the hang of things so I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

Looks I might actually be able to make it work exactly the way I want by setting appropriate defaults to some of the fields. Thanks for taking the time to explain.