Complex Workflows (covering mulitple documents/DocTypes)

Hi all,

I wonder if it is possible to create workflows tha span over mulitple documents/DocTypes/Users.

As an example:

Workflow in a lawyers office for drafting of a contract (text document):

Workflow is started on arrival of instructions email from client

Step 1: user1 (secretary) todo: create new project
Step 2: user1 todo: create a task in the project
Step 3: user1 todo: assign task to user2 (lawyer), could be included in step 2
Step 4: user2 (lawyer) todo: draft text for contract
Step 5: user3 (senior lawyer) todo: review draft
Step 6: user1 write invoice
Step 7: user1 transmit text and invoice to customer

Can such worklflows be defined with the current workflow system or would this require further development?

Best regards