Compliments to the developers

Hi all

I am one of the younger members on this group so perhaps I am out of line. I have only
used V12 and gotten to know it to some extent - certainly not to the level that all you
senior people have , but still. I have have only opened my V13 server a few times and just
had a look around and “clicked” at everything, in an effort to see if something falls over
so that I can supply feedback. So I haven’t entered any transactions on V13 yet.

But just looking at the interface, it is clear that the developers put in a lot of effort in trying to
improve things.

And yes, I am sure there is going to be some bugs and things that broke in the process, but
if this feedback is given to them then they can sort things out.

I , for one, do not have the required knowledge of ERPNext-under-the-hood so I am not
sure I can fix something myself, but I can certainly spend time in trying and testing things
to see if I can supply feedback.